The Only Shirt You Need To Own by Sherie Muijs

Interview by Yasmine Ganley

If there is one shirt you need to own each season it should be one of New Zealand designer Sherie Muijs’ shirts. Classic, slightly masculine and made from the most beautiful fabrics, Sherie Muijs is filling the gap for our need of a one-stop shirt-shop.

With the change in the seasons upon us, Sherie has drawn inspiration for her most recent collection from a dark night in the forest. The shirts feature in beautiful over-dyed silks, cottons and washed-linens in tones of forest green, midnight blue and russet red.

THE NEWS caught up with Sherie Muijs who has just recently moved herself and her work to the creative-hub of Berlin. We got to talk about her favourite spots in Berlin, Fleetwood Mac in Paris and her new winter collection which has just arrived at Simon James Concept Store.

THE NEWS: I hear you’re living in ‘creative-hub’ Berlin city now. Tell us what motivated this move.

Sherie Muijs: The move was motivated by the urge to explore, an adventure in the search for new inspiration. I have always had an affiliation and fascination with Europe and European culture, partly through my Dutch family heritage but also having a sense of connection since my very first visit here on a father-daughter trip at the age of 11. I have returned many times as well as studied in Amsterdam back in 2006.

THE NEWS: Why Berlin? Tell us about the city and what it offers for your daily life there.

Sherie Muijs: Berlin ticked all of the boxes for me. It’s a city where I can get around by bicycle, buy fresh produce from the local markets and live fairly cheaply in historic buildings with high-stud ceilings and cute balconies. Perfection right?

THE NEWS: Your top five things to do in Berlin?

Sherie Muijs:

1. While Berlin is a concrete-cluttered city, it’s surrounded by beautiful green trees and numerous parks. On a sunny day, I’ll happily take my lunch to the park or have a wine by the river with friends.
2. Every Thursday Berlin hosts a ‘Street Food’ market where you can enjoy a selection of dainty street foods, like mini tacos and steamed pork buns. My highlight was the K√§sspatzen: a cheesy noodle dish with roasted onion.

3. It is always a pleasure to get up close and personal with designer collections, so a must-visit boutique is Andreas Murkudis. Tucked away in a restored newspaper press building are pieces from Margiela, Celine and the like.
4. On Sundays there are many flea markets to visit. My favourite is one based not too far from where I live in Neukölln.

5. You can’t come to Berlin and not pay attention to the history of the place. Although very touristy, it is still a must to cross Checkpoint Charlie, to see what remains of the Berlin wall, and to have a photo in front of the Brandenburg gate!
THE NEWS: When did you start your brand Sherie Muijs? How has it evolved since then?

Sherie Muijs: I started my label soon after university as I had buyers from Australia and New York place orders from my graduate collection after seeing my designs at an awards show and at New Zealand Fashion Week. I first went into production with a range of oversized white shirts which then evolved into designing full collections. Five years on, I have come full circle, returning my focus to shirts, allowing me the time to design and to create something that has been truly refined.

THE NEWS: Tell us about your new collection that is dropping into Simon James today.

Sherie Muijs: The AW13 shirts were inspired by the change in season, both physically and metaphorically. I have over-dyed beautiful silks, cottons and washed linens in tones referenced from the surrounding trees seen from my (Auckland-based) studio window at night.

THE NEWS: How do you ‘fill up’ creatively. Where do you find inspiration?

Sherie Muijs: I am a very sensory person and find inspiration in my environment, whether it be a simple chair or a photograph on my wall. I am also very inspired by people – in what they do and in what they wear. I like to explore ideas of how a shirt might help assist someone in their everyday life and tend to design from there.

THE NEWS: With your brand named after yourself, are you designing for yourself, or who do you see as your ‘Sherie Muijs’ girl?

Sherie Muijs: When designing I am always asking myself: would I wear this and how do I feel in this? While the process starts with me I always keep in mind my customer and who I can imagine wearing it.

THE NEWS: What is coming up for you this year that you are excited about?

Sherie Muijs: I have booked tickets to see Fleetwood Mac in Paris which I am particularly excited about!

To see the new collection of Sherie Muijs come in to Simon James Concept Store or call us on (09) 489 6955.

Polaroid photography for Sherie Muijs AW13 collection by Greta van der Star.

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