NEXTGEN: Georgia Pratt

Interview by Angela Bevan

As a new year dawns, we couldn’t be more excited or supportive or generally wowed when it comes to local star Georgia Pratt. The up and coming designer has shown her first collection in collaboration with Flagship Studios and in the same breath has been signed to the plus-size board of one of the biggest model agencies in the world. We had to know more…

Hi Georgia. Tell us a bit about your life prior to the Ford call up !

Well prior to this year I was a student studying Fashion Design at AUT, which I graduated from at the end of 2011. For the past year I have been managing the workroom and production of Kristine Crabb (of Miss Crabb) in Ponsonby. I have also been working on a small collection of my own with some friends who are part of the Arrange Collective…we did a show together in October at Flagship Studios in Grey Lynn. So up until this point, my life has been predominantly design focused! Along with some other side projects and activities of course!

How did your signing with Ford come about? Tell us the story?…

I was modelling for a NZ womenswear label throughout the 3 years I was studying, which at the time was basically a means to pay my fees and support my education. I never really gave much thought to it being much more than a side job or continuing it after my contract finished. But because I had dedicated so much time to my degree I guess I was a bit dubious about future opportunities for me to pursue it here…and to be honest, in the beginning I wasn’t even sure it was something I would be interested in taking further. I guess I didn’t properly consider it until the beginning of this year…There were a few industry people who suggested I could pursue it as a career overseas, and the conversation popped up a few more times over the next few months, so I decided to start researching and contacting people who I thought may be able to give me some direction, and basically just find out whether it was even an option I could consider!

So after reading a ton of interviews and articles and reading about these amazing women doing these awesome things, I thought that it was something I’d like to be a part of! So I went ahead and contacted a few agencies in New York, one of which was Ford, who basically contacted me straight away and signed me on the spot!

So what is the plan now, for the next twelve months?

Well I’ll be leaving for NYC in Febuary to join the plus board at Ford, but until then I am busy putting some pieces from my collection into production to sell through Miss Crabb this winter, which I am really excited about! I am also hoping to set up some sort of workspace once I settle…It would be awesome to keep working on stuff while I am there. I also have a few friends over there so I am excited to join them too and start my adventure with them!

What are you most looking forward to with this opportunity?

I think mainly the opportunity to travel and meet new people is the thing I am most looking forward to the most at this stage. But I am also intrigued to see what other opportunities may come from this further down the track….

Where do you hope you are in life 5 years from now??

Ha ha. Yikes! To be honest, as long as I am happy and healthy and still doing what I’m doing, I believe I will be where I am meant to be. I try not to think too far ahead!

What are your New Years resolutions?

I’ve never really done resolutions but when I was younger my mum always got us to write down goals for the year and hide them away until the end of the year….which I have always liked the idea of. Plus it’s fun to one day find them and laugh at the things you thought you would never get done…and cringe at the things you haven’t done haha…

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