Limited Edition Bags and Wrapping Paper by Tracey Tawhiao

Many of you will have seen our beautifully decorated Christmas window created by local artist and poet, Tracey Tawhiao – a white ribbon, made up of korus and symbols that wraps around the front windows of The Department Store. If you haven’t seen this unique hand-painted work of art yet, you’re missing out!

Tracey painted the window to announce her collaboration with The Department Store for 2013. This partnership is the latest in a series of Christmas gift bag and wrap projects that last year saw the store align with Where’s Wally, and in 2011 join forces with renownd photographer Todd Selby (who can forget Todd’s cute watercolour cats and dogs print?!)

Today Tracey’s gift bags and wrap arrive in store and will be used right up until Christmas. Our helpful staff will even wrap your presents for you in Tracey’s beautiful paper.

We had a quick chat to Tracey about the “mapping” of her work, summertime, and what Christmas really means to her…


The News: How would you describe what you do?

Tracey Tawhiao: My life is series of remarkable connections with people and places, and my work is the thing that maps my life. I paint to coordinate myself to the bigger picture of everyday life.

The News: What sort of ideas and concepts are of interest to you for your work?

Tracey Tawhiao: Maori ideas and concepts are central because they are so profound and very relevant to now – especially in this country.

The News: Can you tell us about the pattern you have so beautifully filled our windows and bags with this Christmas season.

Tracey Tawhiao: The patterns are symbols of the Maori world. I rearrange them out of the usual pattern to create my own visual language. It’s important to know that everything is always changing even though it sometimes seems like it’s not.

The News: How are you planning to spend your Christmas this year?

Tracey Tawhiao: My Christmas is going to be spent with my family on the beach this year. I love simple pleasures and quality experiences that don’t cost a fortune.

The News: Best thing about a kiwi summer is…?

Tracey Tawhiao: The best thing about Kiwi summer is long sunny days in the sea and being with family.

The News: Top of your Christmas list is….?

Tracey Tawhiao: Top of my Christmas list is spending time with my daughters as they are young women about to fly the nest! I know it’s natural for them to grow, but wow, it happened so fast.

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