Liam Memory Tank & Memory Skirt

Liam Autumn ‘15 arrives at Top-Up this Thursday!

Liam’s Autumn ‘15 collection The Space Between arrives at Top-Up on the top floor this Thursday!

Designer Emily Miller-Sharma’s inspiration for this sophisticated new collection came from a lecture given by the architect Glenn Murcutt, which changed the way Emily considered art. “He talked about how still life artists give consideration to the space between the objects they represent,” explains Emily. “Instead of the oranges in a fruit bowl being the central focus to a painter, it’s the tension that the space between them creates.”

Artist Henrietta Harris was then commissioned to paint a series of flowers, from which Emily created two silk chiffon prints that play with distance, as well as a print that represents the shapes created between a grid of circles.

The tactile fabrications used through the collection allow the wearer to experience a sophisticated awareness of space, movement and comfort – with the range arriving into RUBY stores in monthly capsules to reflect the changing climate.

Timeless and playful, Liam captures the perfect balance between classic and current; smart yet spirited, understated yet charming.

For Liam enquiries, phone (09) 950 2865.

Above: Liam Memory Tank, $69 and Memory Skirt, $269

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