Jade’s Nails

Words by Jade Kelly

I had a dream come true this weekend. I was propelled into a world of magic and fantasy when I had the honor of being a fairy for Mary Lou’s fourth birthday party. I love fancy dress parties but this dress up has to be the most rewarding, the look of disbelief and excitement on the children’s faces was priceless. I’m thinking of being a fairy every weekend.

I was Fairy Petals, a woodland fairy that spent her days bouncing through the grass with the rabbits, flying high in the sky with the bees and sitting in the treetops singing with the birds. So I had to have the appropriate nails.

This week we have a gradient from natural to green, accessorised with a lovely little daisy

I used Topshop’s

Green Room
Louise Grey – Hat Tricks
Bee’s knees

Step 1. Start with a base coat, then paint ‘Green Room’ onto your dollar shop make up sponge and dab onto the tip of the nail.
Step 2. Using a clean side of the sponge dab ‘Eclipse’ over the ‘Green Room’. To get the best gradient effect apply lightly mid nail and apply more towards the tip.
Step 3. With the brush, paint a light layer of the ‘Louise Grey Hat Trick’ glitter polish on top of the green.
Step 4. Take a fine paintbrush and with the ‘white’ paint the petals.
Step 5. With ‘Bee’s Knees’ place a small dot in the middle of the flower. Finish with a topcoat.

Have Fun
Fairy Petals x

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Jade’s Nails

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