It’s Chooseday! Our friends choose their favourite Christmas gifts

Words by Angela Bevan

The big day is looming, so every Chooseday we’ll be bringing you Christmas wish lists from our friends. First up it’s the brilliant Jaquie Brown with her selection of goodies for friends, family and self… all available at The Department Store.

 1) Macrame plant hanging thing from the front plant area. Know the one? The 70’s are back. Get your plants off the ground where they are lonely and sad, they deserve to see the top of your head for once and not be looked down on. Starting at $40 from Annie Oxborough for Simon James.
 2) Sans Body Oil – Lucy’s body oil is so good you want to eat it, bathe in it, marry it…ok I’ll stop. $60 from Lucy and The Powder Room.
 3) Lonely Hearts sexy lingerie from The Dressing Room  – Even Santa will be tempted to leave Mrs Claus if he sees you in these. Prices start at $59.
 4) OCC Lip Tar from Lucy & The Powder Room  – Vegan and vibrant bright amazing lip colour that lasts a million years. $38 each.
 5) Happy Socks from The Mens Department- I don’t think anyone can complain you’ve got them ‘just socks’ if you get them happy socks. $25 per pair. 
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