Gifts for Tough Guys with a Soft Touch

Photos by James Lowe

In the build up to Christmas, tough guys are known to get even a little tougher. They eat their steak a tad rarer, their voices drop at least one octave, and they seemingly dream of taking Old Saint Nick out front for a few good licks. But you know the tough guy(s) in your life better than that. Admittedly, by their very nature, it’s been a tough year for the tough guys out there. And deep down, your tough guy is excited about Christmas. He wants a day off being a totally tough guy. So, not yet another round of power tools, Santa socks or a new tractor. This Christmas, actually surprise him by acknowledging his thoughtful side, his finesse touch. Because after all: every tough guy can’t say no to a little luxury now and then. Like on Christmas Day. You’ll hit the sweet spot with your tough guy with these gifts.

Images above by James Lowe.


Replace the entire sock drawer with Happy Socks! They’re the coolest socks around with bright colours and patterns that cheerfully peek out from light-weighted chino pants and jeans this summer.

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Happy Socks $25 – from The Men’s Department (09) 489 9202.

Fragrances: the win-win gift. He loves the finishing touch of applying fragrance, and you get to love the way he smells. 

Comme des Garcons Amazingreen $195

Comme des Garcons Amazingreen $195. Available at The Men’s Department (09) 489 9202.


Comme des Garçons 2 $195. Available at The Men’s Department (09) 489 9202.


Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 $220 and Escentric 01 $220. Available at The Men’s Department (09) 489 9202.

For men, there is no such thing as ‘accessories’: there are neccesities, done well. Take care of your first layer this summer with a fresh shave and sensible sun and skin care.


Triumph & Disaster Stash Box $165. Available at Black Box Boutique.


Triumph & Disater Rock N Roll Face Scrub $40. Available at Black Box Boutique.


Triumph & Disater Game Face Moisturiser Tube $63. Available at Black Box Boutique.

Happy Socks Boxers, both $50 – from the Happy Socks Pop-Up (09) 489-6687.

And the finishing touches… 


Karen Walker Deep Freeze $329. Available at The Men’s Department.

Pachacuti Panama Hat $175. Available at The Men’s Department.

Komono Zirconium Watch in Gold $159. Available from Black Box Boutique.


Frank by I Love Ugly 100ml, $110. Available in store now at Top-up.


Topman Dot Print Bow Tie $25. Available at The Men’s Department (09) 489 9202.


Komono Winston Royale in Silver $159. Available from Black Box Boutique.


I Love Ugly Eyewear, prices start at $219. Full range available at Top-up.


Stolen Girlfriends Club Junk Ring $280. Available at Black Box Boutique.


Karen Walker Chrysanthemum Cufflinks $309


Moscot Lemtosh, Blonde $419. Available from Black Box Boutique.


I Love Ugly The Archibald Premium Watch. Available at Top-up from Thursday 11th December.

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