Dream Job: The Caker

Words by Angela Bevan

Jordan Rondel is making great strides in her dream job as a baker of cakes. Days are filled helping special occassions become even more memorable, hand delivering her amazing creations to a rapidly growing customer base. We thought we’d find out what being a permanent bearer of good news feels like.

How did your job as The Caker come about?
The Caker is really a passion turned into a job. I have baked my whole life for the love of it, but in 2010, after baking a particular successful cake, I decided to start a website and it has inadvertently been my full time job ever since.

Baking beautiful cakes all day for special occassions must provide some gorgeous stories. Can you share some of the special days you have contributed to?
One story that stands out is when I baked a surprise birthday cake for the sweetest little girl named Willow. She knew of me as ‘the fashion cake girl’ and burst into tears of joy when I delivered the cake. Supplying the cakes for weddings is always special too, it’s nice to know that my work was part of a such a celebratory day.

You get to be quite creative with your recipes… can you give us some examples of what you make?
I base my my recipes around the seasons when I can, so right now I’m doing a plum, coconut and lime cake which is really summery and delicious. In winter I like to use pears and apples in my cakes, or even pumpkin such as in my vegan pumpkin spice cake.

What are the best bits about doing what you do?
I love that I’m working for myself so get to do things the way I want in terms of creativity and running the business. It means I can travel and pick up inspiration from places like New York, Tokyo and Paris – all places I’ve been in the last 3 years. But the main thing I love about making cakes is the fact that they are the ultimate gift so never fail to bring joy to a recipient. People really appreciate receiving a cake and I always get such lovely responses from happy customers.

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