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Christmas Gift Wish List Gallery #3

Christmas is just around the corner and The Department Store is the perfect place to shop and make your ideal Christmas Wish List!

Like or comment on your Christmas Wish List favourites in this week’s Facebook gallery with a hint to your friends of what you want this Christmas. Everyone who likes or comments on our Facebook gallery this week goes in the draw to win one of three gifts from The Department Store hidden in this week’s Christmas Wish List!

We’ve already had lots of lucky winners take home some fabulous gifts over the past two weeks – it’s our way of spreading the Christmas joy!

Check out our Christmas Wish List #3 below, and go in the draw to win on our Facebook page here.

Good luck!



Topshop Aztec Buckle Holdall, $90. Call us on (09) 489 4229.

Karen Walker Runaway Girl Pendant Scarlet $35

Karen Walker Runaway Girl Pendant in Scarlet, $35. Call us on (09) 489 6687. 

KATE SYLVESTER bra + knickers Annabelle by Sara Orme

Kate Sylvester lingerie set, available at The Dressing Room, $355. call us on (09) 488 0585. 


Stolen Girlfriends Club Ninja Star necklace, $169. Available from Black Box Boutique. Call us on (09) 489 5629. 


Karen Walker notebooks: A6 Notebook $17.50, A5 Notebook $22.50. Call us on (09) 489 6687. 


Sans x Deadly Ponies Pack including Baobab Regenerative Cream, pH Perfect Body Wash, Nourishing Hair Hydrant Ultra+, $99. Available at Lucy and the Powder Room. Call us on (09) 488 0585. 


Topshop Venice Beach Burnout Tee, $60. Call us on (09) 489 4229. 

KW Bedding - KW Meow, $185 HR[1]

Karen Walker Home bedding in Meow print, from $185. Call us on (09) 489 6687. 


Soludos shoes in popsicle print, $44.95. Available from Nature Baby. Call us on (09) 489 5630. 

KW Number One Frames $329

Karen Walker Number One Frames in black, $329. Call us on (09) 489 6687. 


Obsessive Complusive Lip Tar, available from Lucy and the Powder Room, $36. Call us on (09) 488 0585. 

Nature Baby stripe dress girls

Nature Baby striped dress in yellow, $39.95. Call us on (09) 489 5630. 


Seedling Make Your own Tugboat, $25.95.  Available from Nature Baby. Call us on (09) 489 5630. 

AnnieO medium_122

Annie Oxborough Terrarium – medium sized, $80. Call Annie on (09) 489 6687. 


Assembly Leisure Shorts, $119. Available at Black Box Boutique. Call us on (09) 489 5629. 


A one hour make-up session with the incredible Ellen at Lucy and the Powder Room! Anything you can fit into the hour! Call us on (09) 488 0585. 


Kevin Murphy Colour Bug, $25. Available from Stephen Marr. Call us on (09) 488 0585. 


Karen Walker Rock Garden ring in topaz, sterling silver $539, gold $1299. Call us on (09) 489 6687. 



RUBY Goodnight PJ set, $199. Call us at Top-up on (09) 950 2865. 

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