An Evening with the Takapuna R.S.A.

Words by Angela Bevan

Photos by Nikola Pavlinovic

There was a common theme among the patrons of Takapuna’s RSA when I visited, and it was a simple one; the North Shore is a great place to live and an easy place to love. I spoke to four individuals, all of them Shore locals, about their time in the area and the reasons they have stayed – Gwen Taylor, at 90, put it beautifully; “ There’s no other place for us.” What she referred to, which was echoed, was a sentiment that speaks of deep loyalty and warm pride about where a person lives and it’s something that, sadly, I hadn’t heard in a while.

We’re a couple of degrees warmer, this side of the bridge said Mike Murphy (Club President), the weather and the people!

Gwen and Ted Taylor spent many years farming before settling on the Shore, where Gwen’s grandparents had kept a bach. Gwen had loved visiting a child and Ted had attended Campbells Bay School “ when there were just two rooms.” He remembered the Shore in the 1930s when a night cart would visit families with supplies. Gwen told me “ my father always said there’d be a bridge one day, but we didn’t believe him!”

Mike is an active and enthusiastic member of Shoreside Theatre where you can find him performing Summer Shakespeare. He has stood for the Libertarian Party three times. He says one great thing about the area is “ The Department Store” ( though I have a sneaky feeling he says that just for me.) He’s an expert raffle caller and a superb host. Why does he love the Shore? “ It’s a love that grows with familiarity” he smiles. Nicely put.

The Takapuna RSA encourages new members.

Takapuna RSA
Corner Northcote Rd and Mary Poynton Cres
Open 7 days from 11am

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